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Short History of the C.O.E. Pops/Moms Fleetwood-Jourdain Community Ctr High School Basketball League

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Short History of the C.O.E. Pops/Moms Fleetwood-Jourdain Community Center

High School Basketball League

C.O.E. Pops/Moms began in the summer of 1983 in the wake of a gang slaying not far from the current home of the league. Stunned by the brutality of the incident, local parents banded together to reduce neighborhood violence.

They modeled themselves along the community structure of an earlier era in the Yoruba region of West Africa where elders would join together to assure the welfare of all young people, not just of their own children.

Named Council of Elders Pops and Moms, the new group has been long known by its acronym of C.O.E. Pops and Moms.

By 1985, C.O.E. Pops had joined with Fleetwood-Jourdain Community Center to conduct what has become its biggest activity: a winter basketball program for high school students. Sometimes mistaken as an "upper grade FAAM," the league in fact has no connection with (although a great deal of admiration) for FAAM's 6th to 8th grade program.

Coached entirely by volunteers, the program now is in its 27th season.  The league's cycle is settled: registration in November and December; initial practices in January; games starting late January; and playoffs during March.

The league is clear about its purpose: to acknowledge and uphold the God-given dignity of each player; to promote the Golden Rule, respect, fairness and like venerable values; to guide players to the next stage of their development; and to provide an exciting, attractive setting for doing these things.

The league has a great unconcealed love for the young men and women given to its care. It knows that without them and their affection, there would be no league at all.

Posted by Jelanie Summers, Created Thu Jan 19, 2012, Updated Wed Jan 25, 2012

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